Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cookie or Pie ?

If you don't accept cookies too bad. Here comes the PIE right down your gullet. "While consumers have learned to delete cookies, most are unaware of shared objects, and don't know how to disable them" I am right there with the majority referred to in that article.

I am a luddite because technology makes me feel like a hopeless retard. No matter how hard I try, I just can't keep up and it doesn't help that I am growing older by the minute. First it was phishing and everyone including my internet-challenged father heard about it. Now there is pharming and my dad is his old clueless self once again.

With so many phat nomenclatures for thievery and chicanery what are the chances of a man well past sixty getting caught up in his lifetime ? Even the smart, young manager at my bank had no idea that his life's work and money could get pharmed away. "I wouldn't worry about it Ma'am. We have a whole IT department to look after your security. I log on to my account on-line and check my balance regularly. I know I'm safe once I log into to our portal"

This man's implicit faith in the system gave me a nervous tick. I felt positively guilty as I realized "God he really believes in that stuff !" For the innocents like him and the pseudo-informed like me there will be many tempting sugary treats along the way as we foray into the hyper-connected world.

Sometimes, I think I should just get rid of all card and cash, buy gold that can be stashed in my mother's vault. That's only place I know that is pharm and phish proof and can't be accessed by cookie, pie or even cheesecake.

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