Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Listmania And Of Harmful Books

The list of most harmful books makes interesting reading. One wishes the list makers would have provided a rationale for the choice and rankings as well. I have read five of the honorable mentions and only two of the top ten reducing the total harm done to me via books.

One of these infamous books made it to the best selling books of all time. Not so surprising given that notoriety and influence sometimes go together. In this second list I have read two of ten and not the one that is common to both lists. Then there are the lists by genre by the establishment of which many names are familiar and beloved as well.

When the hoi polloi gets into the fray as in Amazon's Listmania or elsewhere the results are random and completely unpredictable. More often than not I have not read the books that get such honorable mention. I have often used the wisdom of the crowds to guide me to fresh pastures in reading to be most pleasantly surprised.

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bharath said...

I have read most of the book on the 10 most harmful books. and I have reasons to disagree with the whole idea of listing as based on a set of so-called popular preferences.

i also detest the idea of best books lists. To me they are best guided by recommendation from friends, when I have a good idea about their tastes and preferences.