Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Spring Fever Shots

"Luke loves J, Briana loves J, Tommy loves J, Taylor loves J, Megan loves J...why does everyone keep loving me ?" asks a frustrated sounding J as she reads the cards in her Valentines Day goodie bag. I burst out laughing.

Me: "Is it a problem if everyone keeps loving you ?"
J : "Yes"
Me: "Why ?"
J:" Because I want only two people to love me"
Me: "So what about the other people ?"
J: "Too bad for the other people. I don't want them to love me. Why does everyone want be my friend ?"
Me: "What's wrong with that ?"
J: "Because its too much friends"

I imagine she feels overwhelmed by the surfeit of love because she does not know how she can possibly reciprocate. She likely feels maxed out with having two special friends. Maybe we should get our children inoculated against excessive levels of romance in the air

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