Saturday, April 08, 2006

Linked List

A line from a New York magazine article on SMS as the new hook up tool reminded me of a job interview over ten years ago. The line in question being

“I was on a date at a restaurant and was holding her hand across the table while texting underneath the table with the other hand to another woman I was dating. The other woman was on a date with someone, too—a tragicomedy of texting, if you will.”

Unaccountably that image of two people on a date cheating on their dates via SMS with others who are similarly on dates in an infinite chain of linked messages brought to mind a question I was asked at that interview. "Can you explain what a linked list is and an give example of its use ?" Those were my C programming days and the question very typical. I may have answered the example part very differently today when there is the "tragicomdey of texting" to illustrate pointers.

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