Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mutual Attraction

Gordon is the uber-nerd who sits down the hall from me at work. He can be funny when he's not being condescending or limiting eye contact to a woman's chest when he's talking to her. I never thought I could come to tolerate him but we have come to have a decent working relationship.

This afternoon he swung by where I was sitting " Have you seen A ?" he asked me. "No, not in the past half hour" I replied. "He spent the whole afternoon with you. His wife is going to be jealous " There was some snickering around the room, I laughed too.

A and I were in a working session for a couple of hours earlier. To be fair to Gordon, there is mutual attraction between A and I but he is very mindful not to cross the line, not to flirt, to keep it strictly professional. But he clearly enjoys my company and given the nature of work we are thrown together quite a bit. I had not realized that the chemistry between us had been obvious to even one such as Gordon given A's over-zealous efforts at preserving propriety at all times.

Sometimes, I have had to wonder what might have come to pass if he had been attracted to a woman who dared him to cross the line or worse met him half the way. He is basically decent but has more charm and magnetism than is healthy or safe for a married man.

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