Sunday, June 11, 2006

Percentile Question

When J was born she was at the 90th percentile of both height and weight. Now at close to five years old she is at the 10th. When I voice my concern about this rather dramatic shift to pediatricians they dismiss me saying there is nothing to worry about because J is perfectly normal and healthy. Recently, one doctor told me with a condescending smile "Well, someone has to be in the 10th percentile and there is nothing wrong with being there"

I wondered if he was implying I was being a pushy mom - the kind that in later life will not cringe at putting her child on a "smart pill" so she can get ahead of the competition. I wondered if he thought I was the type of parent that will do anything to get their child in the 90th percentile of everything and remain there. I may have imagined the insinuation.

Having grown up in a very competitive environment, I try to remain alert to any signs of me turning into the type of parent I have always held in much disdain. But there are things about one's culture and times that one picks up and acts on subconsciously. Unless an outsiders calls attention to it, we would remain blissfully unaware of what we are doing .

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ggop said...

Doctors in the SF bay area are way less surprised by this. I guess the millions of babies of Chinese and Vietnamese descent skew the percentages. To be in the 90th percentile, you have to have some Dutch or German ancestry ;-)