Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lighting A Fire

This kind of stuff goes on routinely in the cavernous bellies of large IT organizations inside even larger companies. Only a small person's ranting on the waste and mismanagement of money and resources, misuse and abuse of power does not make it all the way to WSJ. Maybe his case was helped by nature of his complaint and concern "It could very well become an issue of making sure our physicians and nurses have the tools they need to save lives."

Such talk usually stays around the water cooler and the smoking porch coming up for air sometimes at the happy hour if the company is right. Small people know to hold their peace and watch their backs. It does not take a lot to make their little jobs redudant even without complaining that "Their poor decisions...are positioning us for potentially catastrophic failure,"

It is about time that folks in the trenches felt empowered by all the information that they have access to.

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