Monday, June 11, 2007

Without A Planner

A cancelled meeting brings me more joy these days than an unexpected ice-cream treat brought me in my childhood. Unlike an ice-cream that was never taken away from me after it was given, a cancelled meeting is always a placeholder for a couple of new ones. To have a year without a schedule would be like being on paid vacation for twelve. Too bad, that little people who are cogs in the wheel don't get to do this even if boosts their productivity.

When someone emails or calls to say, "Let's meet on Tuesday at 3", the appropriate response is: "I'm not keeping a schedule for 2007, so I can't commit to that, but give me a call on Tuesday at 2:45 and if I'm available, I'll meet with you."

Or, if it's important, say, "You know what, let's meet right now."

Love the terms structured procrastination and strategic incompetence. Wish those would past muster performance reviews.

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