Monday, August 06, 2007

Favorites Blogs

There are still a lot of folks who are not into blogs and don't get what the fuss is all about. WSJ has a great reading list culled from the favorites of twelve commentators that might interest this kind of person enough to check it out.

There are some blogs you visit regularly just for the links to other interesting blogs. I usually start my day with Kottke and love his new dynamic list of recently visited sites. I used to like his content when I first discovered him some years ago but increasingly it is his reading list that keeps me returning - maybe it is the only draw at this point.

Washington Post has a list of reader's picks - many of which are plugs by individuals for their own blogs and in as such not very credible. The Forbes top ten includes the who’s who of blogosphere which renders the list predictable and boring. Guardian's is a little more interesting. Cataloging the vast and constantly expanding blogosphere is difficult if not impossible - everyone who reads blogs has a list of favorites and there are lists of lists.

Even so, most navigation systems around blogosphere are like measuring the ocean with a thimble. There is always an undiscovered gem that never made it to any list of repute. It turns up in the results of an odd Google search. You find and you keep your secret treasure.


ggop said...

Cool post HC!

Suchi said...

I used to read the who's who of the Indian blogosphere, then got completely bored with the recurrent memes and the clique-like references to other well-read blogs. I now read only a few, select blogs (Heartcrossings is my current favourite!).

Heartcrossings said...

ggop - Thanks !

Suchi - I hear you about the clique of the who's who of blogosphere. It gets old after a point. I am very flattered to know that my blog is your current favorite :)