Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ratting Out Neighbors

This is an intriguing concept - ratting out your rotten neighbors so newcomers in the community know to stay away from trouble. Anonymity plus connectivity allows us to speak about the guy next door to the whole world with complete candor. Unlike the village gossip whose reputation traveled ahead of her, I can rant about my uncouth neighbors on the net all I like without so much as having my identity revealed let alone have it have it sullied.

Online reputation is something that takes managing these days because we are all equally able to spoil it for someone else. The purveyors of such services may be able to keep some of the bad press at bay but an universal opt-out would be hard to achieve. In the end, it is up to the individual to keep their online avatars and real identity as far apart from each other as possible so the two worlds never collide to cause embarassment or worse.


Anonymous said...

I have had lots of rotten neighbors, it is part of mobbing and gangstalking, and they know where you move, so they start in all over again, different people, but still part of the plan. No matter how many times you move, it won't help. They start in with their same things, noise campaigns, smoking and getting it in your windows, parties and loud music, and the landlord always says if you don't like it, move, they are in on it, too, and so it never ends. One site is but there are many more, and the cops and firemen are in on it, too. The firemen told us we couldn't use a device made for burning wood outdoors even though Home Depot said they have sold thousands of them and everyone uses them including all the employees, all their friends, relatives and neighbors and yet we were the only ones told it is illegal to use it. The people who work in city hall are all in on it, too. They are very mean and sarcastic to us whenever we go in to ask a question. Are there any attorneys out there who would be interested in witnessing these things and then filing a lawsuit against them and collecting a lot of money? We would even give the attorney our portion of the money so they can have 100% of it if they will just take the case, if it is legal, that is, and I think we could do what we want with our portion after we get it, even giving it to the attorney but I'm not sure. Someone should help us. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

We have a rotten neighbor next door who turned us in to the city for having a vehicle on our property and the city made us get rid of it but all over town are really awful looking front yards full of all kinds of junk cars and trucks, campers, boats, everything you can think of and they don't have gravel, they have grass or sometimes just weeds and dirt and no one does anything about that and they said you can't make an anonymous complaint, you must fill out a paper and put your name, address, phone number, etc, and that would just lead to more crime because the people now know who you are and where you live and they could hurt you or damage your vehicles or house, so it does not seem like a good idea to be putting all your personal information down like that. And why would anyone have to file a paper and turn them in when the cops and everyone drives by those horrible yards every day and they should see for themselves what those yards look like. The city code people see it and the mailmen and everyone else, so why do they allow it to go on? Why do they want someone to have to fill out a paper and then possibly be attacked by the people you are turning in.

Anonymous said...

What about all the rotten neighbors who don't have a front license plate on their vehicle when the law requires them and all the other millions of vehicles in California with no front plate and the cops don't do anything about that. And all the rotten neighbors who use the red fire zone in front of their house for their personal parking place and leave their car, truck, camper or boat parked there for days, weeks or months at a time and the cops don't do anything about it and when you call them they say it will take them three days to come out. Why three days. This is ridiculous and they should all be fired for behaving this way. All they do is drive around looking stupid and going through stop signs all the time. They don't do their job and give out tickets for anything.