Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sized In Vain

I am not much of a clotheshorse and most definitely not up to the challenges of shopping for them online. Thanks to vanity sizing a woman never knows what size her clothes are. She can never tell if it will fit unless she has tried it out in a fitting room. Depending on the label and the vintage she could range from 2 to 8. Help is now at hand with sizemeuponline.

There are apparently some industry data exchange standards and an XML specification but it does not help much without a governing institute like the bureau of weights and measures. With even the kilogram standard needing recalibration what are the odds of getting a Marilyn Monroe mannequin to be and remain the gold standard for dress size 12 ? Women in need of a dress that fits might be better served by a body scanner and purveyors of mass customized couture.

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