Sunday, January 13, 2008

Touchscreen Waiters

Inattentive to outright churlish waiters are part of the eating-out experience. Then you have the "Is everything okay ?" every five minutes style of waiting which drives me up the wall. It seems that striking the right balance is a fine art. It must require a certain mileage in the industry that most wait-staff lack being that this is not a line of work the majority of them is looking to build a career in. Consumers can now have touch-screens to replace surly waiters.

It won't be a big loss from a customer experience perspective where a restaurant's wait-staff is a big reason for business not being brisk. It would probably drive down cost for the customer and improve service quality - overall a win-win. However, to replace great waiters with a lifeless machine, strip a restaurant of what makes it a favorite with customers would be a shame. Turning touch-screens into the de-facto way of doing restaurant business would make as much sense and 100% IT outsourcing is making. It would just hurt everyone involved.

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