Thursday, March 27, 2008

Talking Mind

Read this short verse on the meaning of existence that begins with the inadequacy of language to explain it. Far be it from me to dwell on existence when I have J's endless stream of questions to reckon with. She challenges me to come up with half-intelligent answers about everything we see around us. Even with that, language fails me almost constantly.

I find myself groping and struggling to find the words that will convey what I have in mind. Sometimes, the mind draws a blank too. She brings me to the humbling realization that I am able to talk and present so effortlessly at the workplace only because the content I am delivering does not mean much.

Maybe the world of working adults is just that - meaningless. We don't challenge each other by asking and answering simple questions. We veneer our emptiness with a lot of businessese and geekese. If I had anything useful to say, I'd be just as tongue tied.

The Meaning of Existence by Les Murray

Everything except language
knows the meaning of existence.
Trees, planets, rivers, time
know nothing else. They express it
moment by moment as the universe.
Even this fool of a body
lives it in part, and would
have full dignity within it
but for the ignorant freedom of my talking mind.

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