Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Query And Response

Every once in a while, I get an interesting query from a reader. Case in point is this little gem :

Hi heart-crossings,

I bumped onto your blog while looking for a trustable, well-established desi-dating site and ended up reading the blog "a girlfriend's field guide to dating desi dudes". Anyways, I wanted to know if there is such a website available where one can actually meet desis? Any inputs would be appreciated!


I wrote back as quickly as I possibly could with what "inputs" I could muster :

From my experience,"trustable" and "desi-dating site" don't go together. The bulk of the dudes online are married and looking or just looking with absolutely no end in view. Both do what they do so that can get laid with no strings attached - they will tell girls they want to get married right away so she doesn't resist getting intimate with them. If you are male and fit one of these categories you could have a ball - not sure what the deal is for the rest of the guys - I haven't seen any till now. If you are a woman then you'll want to refer to the field guide you've already read. At any rate, good luck with dating desis :)

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