Friday, October 31, 2008

Digital PR

Great summary of the gotchas of digital PR and SEO. The one I like best is :

Embrace the social, not the drive by. Some PR agencies have been able to fully embrace these shifts at their core, and not only become successfully involved with online communities but have been instrumental at facilitating PR’s role in the various online channels such as social networking, blogs and search. These agencies are best prepared to represent brands in a win-win situation over those firms that skim social media with drive by pitching and promotion tactics and without a full understanding of the medium.

Easier said than done mainly because the medium is evolving so rapidly. The rules of the game change the minute you have it all defined. Often you are lucky to even have the same game. By when old media has finally has it figured out, the circus has usually left town. Nevertheless, this article is full of good advise.

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