Monday, December 22, 2008

Cat Dancers

A film about dancers whose are an exotic-tiger entertainment act is not the most accessible one to a general audience including the animal lovers. Cat Dancers is such a story and yet it completely transcends its niche and leave you with a memorable experience. You learn about the lives of a very unusual trio of entertainers Joy Holiday, Roy Holiday and Chuck Lizza and the big wild cats that they love like their own children. The three also form a ménage à trois. Ron has this to say about their unconventional relationship :

"I think the human race is very archaic. They need labels - which is very, very sad. When Chuck came into our life, the intimacy that we had spiritually...made us three of the most unique people."

The story could be about love in many forms - a human being's capacity to love animals filially, an animal's near-human ability to reciprocate human affection, and the acceptance and indeed celebration of bi-sexual and extra-marital love. It could also be a parable that exemplifies the old adage of leave good enough alone. Each wild cat that was introduced into their entertainment act was about taking the risk a notch higher, giving the audience an even more visceral thrill. The end comes with two of the three dying at the pinnacle of their career and ironically the instrument is what made that height of success possible.

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