Sunday, January 18, 2009

Learning From J

While getting dinner ready a few days ago in the context of something J said, I explained that Indians believe in Athithi Deva Bhavo and so in our culture we attach a great deal of importance to being gracious and hospitable to our guests - invited and uninvited alike. That in serving them we are serving God.

So here I was feeling good about myself, making my little speech that would further the cause of our "culture" and "tradition" , when J interrupted to say "All parents should treat their children as God too". How is that I inquired failing to make the connection with the discussion at hand.

"When children come out their mother's tummy, they become the guest of the parents. A guest who just stays for a very long time. A life-over instead of just a sleep-over". I had to agree that would be a valid parallel and therefore by the standards of treating your guest like they were God, parents need to do the same with their children.

J clarified that life-over was like sleep-over and also they children stayed with the parents until their (the parents) life was over. I thanked her for the clarification as I smiled to myself - teaching J has always been a learning experience.


vikas gupta said...

Child is indeed the father of man (and woman)!

sinusoidally said...

Assuming J is your kid, what a smart kid!

Heartcrossings said...

Vikas - How true !

Sinusoidally - Children often say the most profound things. I don't know if it as much about being smart as it is about being innocent and therefore closer to God..There is this lovely book I read once Children's Letters To God - you can check it out on Amazon. What an amazing amount of wit and wisdom in 96 pages ! It all comes from young children. If only adults were able to think so clearly :)