Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Slowness Drink

I am all for embracing slowness and often wish everything and everyone around me felt the same way as I do about excessive speed. Be it the frenetic pace at which we go through the work day, try to gobble as much information as possible while we are on-line (which for many is all the time) or the corners we cut while putting a meal on the table, speed is ubiquitous.

There is this notion that the faster we get there the better off we are. Those that want to slow down get left so far behind that they are not socially viable any more. Paul Davis in his article on slow reading challenges this idea. He says :

That never-ending data stream isn't going anywhere, and the fact is, we may need its addictive distraction more than it needs our attention.

That said, I love the idea of an anti-energy drink and can't wait to try Slow Cow. Maybe if they had these things coming out of vending machines at workplaces, people would give calm a chance over a shot of energy when they stressed, doing themselves and others a favor in the process.

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