Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bear Shaving

When Seth Godin writes about Bear shaving, I am reminded yet again why he is one of favorite bloggers. He says : Step one to eliminating bear shaving: call it when you see it.

I have tried step one many times in the workplace and most often have never made it to step two. Bear shaving is simply too easy for most people to be bothered with doing the right thing. Besides the right thing involves making a whole slew of people (often with conflicting interests and priorities) stop bear shaving in their individual areas of responsibility so that the organization can change for the better. So there will be many bear shaving alerts from all over but they don't amount to more than random spikes of noise that is drowned in the general hubbub of organizational chaos.

Maybe Godin will follow up this post with ideas on how to go from step one to two successfully.

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petrichoric said...

I stumbled across your blog by googling the word "petrichor", my favourite (you had blogged about it some time ago).

I like the fact that you are an immigrant to the US, as I am, too. I maybe had it/have it slightly easier than you in that I'm European and at can at least pass as a white American physically (until I open my mouth). However, I still find it hard to fit into this culture.

Feel free to stop by my blog...although I expect you won't like it very much (and there only are three posts as I've just returned to the blogging world).