Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Make Electronics

Reading Charles Platt's Make: Electronics took me back to my engineering school days and had me wishing that I had read this book back then instead of now. Platt makes clear the translation from science and technology into real world applications - a connection textbooks focused on a specific topic don't always try to make.The book makes an excellent primer for those who will end up studying the subject in a lot more detail for four years (or more). In about 300 pages, the reader would have grasped most of the essentials that will stand them in good stead no matter what they intend to do next.

For a reader curious about electronics only to the point that it helps her to try some DIY projects, this book goes a considerable distance beyond fostering that casual acquaintance. If you are a student who will study electronics as as engineering discipline, Platt's coverage that runs the gamut from the science fundamentals to the cautionary notes when trying to build a circuit will give you a great head start.

This is not a book for those who don't care for electronics at all - it will not convert them to aficionados. Platt assumes that you are an eager and interested student with or without prior knowledge of the subject matter. It would definitely help if you are thrilled to learn about PNP junctions, capacitor polarity and what difference it makes to connect resistors in series versus in parallel because Platt always connects the dots between the science and its application as any good teacher must. His passion for the subject and erudition is evident all through the book.


Anonymous said...

Heartcrossings ,

I am touched by your sheer magnanimity in sharing insights , good books , articles , poems etc.

Extremely few people among us have this trait. Many endowed with your qualifications + knowledge would be walking two feet above the ground looking down upon the rest.

J is fortunate to have you as her mother.

Heartcrossings said...

Anon - Thanks for your kind words. To be a good mother is possibly what I want most in life :)