Saturday, January 02, 2010


I have almost always depended on geeks at my workplace to help me find the right gadget and I don't need a whole lot to keep me functional. Mostly they have been happy to help but occasionally they have expressed frustration at my inability to articulate a tech spec. My point is why do I need a geek if I can do that myself ?

Measy is ideal for people like myself who can describe what they are looking for without being able to get to specifics. There is way too much technology out there for the average person to keep up with - specially when they come inside of gadgets with a mind-boggling array of functions. Having an online need to product translator is a wonderful thing.

I test drove the site answering the questions for finding a digital camera and liked the results. All questions are in simple English that pose no challenge to comprehension. The only other thing I may have liked is a few more options - or maybe my criteria narrowed the field to one.

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