Monday, January 18, 2010

Pointillist Memoir

Taking a years worth of Tweets and converting them into a book has a really poetic name now thanks to Clive Thompson. He refers to it as a pointillist memoir. A better more suitable description would be harder to come by. In the end, the nirvana of all things posted, tweeted or otherwise published on-line is still the good old fashioned book. 

A writer of any stripe still does not feel like one unless they have a real book out there that readers are (hopefully) buying to read. Blogs have been turned to books and it is only fair that tweets get their turn now. Since Facebook status updates have already been converted to art, a coffee table book should not be too far behind. Away messages and status updates can easily make it to a book of quotes.

Even with the internet being so widely available and the ease of publishing (and reading) anything you want on-line, it is no small wonder that a book continues to be venerated as much as it does. This should be heartening news to those in the publishing industry.

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