Monday, February 22, 2010

Start Up Demographic

Read Write Web has this great article on the changing demographic of internet savvy users and the need to meet their needs by bringing diversity into the start-up minded entrepreneurs. The story is mainly about the why women are not part of this demographic in proportion to their numbers on-line but it also notes that there are others who need to look at other sources - specially non-technical, non-engineering ones for the most promising ideas :

There are just as many women online as there are men (74% of each gender in the U.S.), and none of us Internet users are getting any younger. In order to address the needs and interests of millions of older and increasingly diverse Internet users who aren't necessarily geeks, it would be wise to look at projects originating from the same source - from ordinary entrepreneurs who now have the Internet savvy to make a significant contribution.

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oneandonly said...

Women(especially older) are being targeted, albeit in a different way.
Facebook demographics is increasingly being dominated by women older than 30. And last year saw a real big boom in "Social Games", which intends to tap the same segment.

Though I agree you had something other than "Social Games" in mind.