Monday, April 05, 2010

One Theme

I have given up my daily dose of technology blogosphere these days. Unless they have anything other than iPad apps to talk about, there is nothing for me to read there. Clearly, the iPad has come some ways from the time tech observers and commentators had mostly disparaging things to say about it to now when (thanks to the apps), the iPad will change the world past recognition.

As with everything else the punditry comment on in haste these days and recant at leisure, it seems like they got this one wrong and by a wide margin. My good friend K who is a die hard Apple aficionado fully intended to buy the iPad even after every negative review he had read or heard. K apparently got it right. He believed that the device was like an empty scratch pad, the apps people built for it would determine if it became a success - no different than the iPhone. To that extent, a less than perfect virtual keyboard or an over-size bezel did not bother him too much. The potential will become evident over time and he wanted nothing more than to be part of the action.

And K is just a regular cubicle drone past his code-cutting prime by his own adimission. He manages programmers these days and tinkers with new technology for fun. Note to self, in the future pay attention to folks like K and tune out the punditocracy completely.

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