Sunday, May 02, 2010

Escape Hatch

Instead of drinking, binging or shopping Sheila found a full season DVD set of Gossip Girl, ideal for shutting her brain down for several hours. The characters and their convoluted lives served as the perfect escape. A bowl of strawberry yogurt with fresh blueberries and chopped walnuts was Sheila's version of the large tub of ice-cream that often keeps solitary movie watchers company. She wondered what about this series made it perfect for tuning out of her own life for a bit. 

As much as she wanted to get over MJ, it was still easier for her to brood over him than not, obsess instead of let go. She had said to Vibha one day "If you have this kind of connection with someone, it feels easier to hack off a limb than let go of it". Many characters in Gossip Girl seemed to have a problem like her and suffered for it. While nothing else about the series remotely resembled her own life, the off and on relationship she and MJ had shared for years became easier to understand through these characters. 

A short beep on her phone announced an email from Vibha.

Shell - Read this article earlier and thought of you. This part in particular

Obsessing about something you don’t have makes you unconsciously brood about what you lack, totally dismissing the present value in your life. Your urgency about getting what you want shouts at the Universe that you don’t care about—or appreciate—anything else. This act of dismissal creates a dark vacuum of energy, one that nobody wants to support or even be around, and the Universe has the same response. Instead of generating the results you long for, our paradoxical intent becomes a black hole of obsessive longing, destroying any positive outcomes that may come your way.

- Vibs

Sheila wrote back :

Vibs - Thanks for sending that. You know that your life has sunk to a whole new low when it takes characters from a soap opera and a pop-psychologist to help you understand what you're doing wrong and how you can fix it :) Never thought I'd live to see this day but again never thought I would subject myself to one such as MJ.

Take care,

Just as she was getting ready to head out to work, Vibha's reply came :

Look at the bright side - you are getting the help you need even if the sources are not what you'd like them to be. Stop being a snob and accept the help the Universe is sending your way :)

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