Monday, January 24, 2011

Continuity Errors

I was driving DB's car most of last week. One evening, on the way back home, the radio station he has it set to, picked up a song I had not heard in a long time. I caught the last few bars, it sparked recollection but not recognition and then it faded out to headline news. I tried to remember when I had heard it last. It was so long ago, that it could have been another life. 

But again, I have a few different lives - the life in India as a young girl enjoying the independence that comes with her first job, a new bride who came to America full of romantic ideas about marriage and high hopes for the future, an emotionally devastated new mother who left that marriage to find her way in the world alone, the determined single mother who raced against the clock non-stop for eight years and now a woman who is trying marriage, husband and home one more time. 

Each phase of my life, I was a person that bore little resemblance to who I was before or after. Music and books have formed the tenuous ties between these lives, selves and phases. Listening to that unidentified yet very familiar piece of music was like watching a continuity error.


Meena said...

hmmm I hv nbot left a comment here b4... But I hv been such a freq visitor! I love ur posts.... simple, non-verbose but man! they capture feelins n life or what!

Please keep the gr8 job going

psychopneuma said...

Your posts are so good to read. It just made me think of my past and how far i have come and the struggles i have faced in 20 years. You have come a really long way and what you have done i.e coming to a different country and take such major steps is something incredible.keep writing!