Monday, July 23, 2012

Eating with Fingers

Reading this article about Oprah's Indian debut reminded me of the when Slumdog Millionaire was released. Any number co-workers wanted to know if the depiction of India in that movie was realistic and if people really lived "like that". I give locals wide latitude since they have not had reason or opportunity to understand other cultures -  it stands to reason that they have a very limited world view. That was the first and possibly the only movie they have seen set in India.

Their media consumption while copious does not enable a better understanding of world history and geography. That said, I humored the endless stream of Slumdog questions tried to educate them about India the best I could. The author's disappointment with Oprah stems from holding her to a higher standard - well traveled, informed and articulate does not always translate to cultural awareness and sensitivity. Besides she has to cater to the population that makes her the success that she is.

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