Sunday, July 22, 2012

Value of Pause

Nice article on the value of waiting instead of rushing even when time is of the essence. I have learned this lesson the hard way in my life. During my eight years as a single mother, I did not consider stopping or even pausing was an option. To that end, I did not take any time off from work unless there was an urgent need and the only vacations we had were around a long weekend. I wonder how many more years I could have continued like that before I completely broke down.
When DB and I got married, the first thing he forced me to do was to pause. Come home from work and pause to freshen up and drink a cup of tea. On a weekend pause to sleep in, on a weeknight pause from cooking dinner - the list was endless. I resented being told to change and have my long established routine interrupted by so many "unproductive" pauses.
I fought tooth and nail to have it my way and he refused to back down. I am glad to report that DB prevailed in the end. In the last two years, I have learned to slow down, pause and even come to a full stop. He made me take a three month break to consider what I really wanted out my career and find a job I would love at least for a while.
Each pause short or long has proved to be of immense value. I learned to go from making snap decisions to mulling over what something would mean for me some years out. Emotionally, I went from living out of suitcase to settling into a home where I had a closet of my own. I am no longer terrified of unpacking my suitcase and be unprepared to make a quick move. What I have "lost" in alacrity I think may have gained in tranquility. I learned there are very few things in my life where time is really of the essence. As long as I keep my commitments at work and in personal life there is nothing that cannot wait for due consideration.

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