Sunday, February 27, 2005

State Of Confusion

While the term ABCD is typically meant for the born and raised in the US desi, the state of confusion is not confined only to desis of that vintage. In my experience, FOBs are often a lot more confused when really that have little reason to be. Upon arriving onF1 visa and the pocket full of dreams they appear to force feed themselves on the American experience like the famine would be upon them as soon as the stopped gorging.

In the few years that it takes to graduate and step into the real world, they manage to surpass ABCD levels of confusion and identity crisis. Instead of the twenty plus years that a real ABCD has to come to terms with the state of being desi in Videsh, these folks are already there in a less than five.

All of this has to do with getting there first. Often these young people have been high achievers all their lives - academic and otherwise. It is also likely that they come from affluent and influential social circles in India. To turn into an arriviste in the US is not acceptable and they will do what it takes to shake that label off.

The right to confusion among FOBs is an equal sex opportunity and unlike the ABCDs who are given to introspection on their state, these FOBs wear their confusion like a badge of honor.However, until they churn out angst ridden faux exotica in the lush prose style favored by true blue ABCDs, the FOBCDs would have only half way arrived.


Libran Lover said...

"Delusional desi dude"... hmmm. The guy seemed to be having fun. More power to him.

Frankie Marinaccio said...

Ah, nice.