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Jazz and Pictures

I had opportunity to take J to New Orleans recently while on a business trip. My first time in a city I have always wanted to visit. I wanted her to experience the city in what little time we were able to carve out. This is not the first time I noticed that J loves to take interesting pictures but never wants any of herself from her travels. So there are these shots taken in the French Quarter often without any people in the frame. Stark and empty without reference or anchor. Looking back through the pictures I see New Orleans through her eyes and experience the trip in a new way. J tells me having people in a picture disturbs the harmony created sometimes by nature and man made things. I have learned to keep out of her frame though sometimes the color of my coat may make me interesting to shoot from a distance.

We ate a lot of street food, struggled to remember the names of things we tried, soaked in the music in small concert halls and on the streets. J loves jazz far more than I do …