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Cold Month

When things break in my life they do in twos sometimes threes. One of my choosing the others collateral damage that I don't seek and cannot control. November a was dreary, long and frenetic month. It left me gasping for breath and weary waiting for change at the same time. I had finally chosen to hack the figurative limb that was festering and had no hope of healing. In so doing, I had set in motion a chain of events I no longer controlled. I visited a couple of cold places for business and the sullen gray of the sky matched my mood. Those trips were as fruitless as some of the wars I had been waging in my personal life. At home J could be the sunshine that broke through that clouds but there would be downpours too - unbidden and unannounced. And so we weathered the month while planning what our escape might be in the next. Complete the year on a high note so good things may follow from there.