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Of the Florida Keys, Hemingway said ""It's as if an imagination is intermingling salt water with desert, sea with plain, creatures of the deep with creatures of the bush." My first visit here was in late '99 if memory serves. The conditions of my life were very different than from today. I recall vividly that feeling of exuberance driving into the ocean through a corridor of tropical green some blooming with bright flowers. The sand and the water always with reach. If we had to stop at every spot that looked inviting we would be on the road for weeks. 

Yet, we did make many stops and I collected shells and pieces of driftwood as I always do when by the ocean. I loved that trip and have the fondest recollections of it but it was as if I had been there alone. The years that followed blotted out all memories of my traveling companion - the man who would be the father of J. Life partnership I would discover can be a mirage. You chase what you believe may be perfect o…