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J's Decade

For as long as I can remember, big changes have happened to me once every decade. The birth of J coincided with the end of my first marriage - those two incidents set in motion a cascading wave of events whose tumult is only beginning to subside now. Each year on J's birthday, I would find myself measuring how far into my "decade of strife" I was and in my heart I knew her tenth would be unlike any before or after. It would spell the symbolic end. Call it what you will, determination, wishful thinking, visualizing the future as I would have it be in my dream - some combination of all that, but I visited that tenth birthday many, many times in the past. With each visit, I refined what was in and what was not, who was included and who was not not - it would be the year when things would be made "right" by J.  It would be the year when the waiting for Godot would be over, we could come out of the "phase" that we were in. I was deeply resentful of anyone wh…

New Meaning

Read this analysis of the lyrics of Norwegian Wood and what is says about Lennon made for a fun lunch hour break a few days ago. To think that the words of a song could be taken to mean something so far removed from what a listener may glean from it casually is quite remarkable.

Maybe such is the fate of any piece of art - there is the original intent (if any at all) of the creator , the spin of the punditry and the meaning conveyed to each layperson who comes in to contact with. I will find it hard to listen to this song again without paying attention to the words and the meaning someone has ascribed to them - specially because it is so far removed from anything I would have imagined. In a sense, this song is spoiled for me.