Monday, June 06, 2005

Technology For Togethernesss

Instead of paying the shrink for couch-time or pouring woes out on Abby investing in state of the art washing machine technology may be an option to consider. The equitable laundry-turn taking quandary must be serious and wide-spread enough to result in innovation that " uses fingerprint recognition technology to ensure the job of loading is not dumped on just one individual "

While this serves couples after they have decided (for better or for worse) to pair there is James Larrson's dinner utensils that will cue the clueless dater on the true feelings of the datee. Hopefully to be forewarned is to be forearmed against mistakes if the heart will heed data.

With such sophisticated props to support the complicated madness of dating and mating , it may well end up having a scientific method to it. The Geek may inherit the earth someday.

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Jamison Falck said...

Very interesting.