Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cats And Women

My friend E is visiting with us this week. Among other things she has to pick up her two cats from another friend who has been catsitting for her for a while. After an overjoyed J and E got caught up on everything J, she asked me about the latest on the men (if any) in my life. Her advice to me- "Get some more into the hopper" E is surrounded by girlfriends who are out looking for the elusive "one". She adores her cats and has not dated for years. Maybe she will agree with Eunice de Souza's Advice to Women.

Advice to Women
by Eunice de Souza

Keep cats
if you want to learn to cope with
the otherness of lovers.
Otherness is not always neglect --
Cats return to their litter trays
when they need to.
Don't cuss out of the window
at their enemies.
That stare of perpetual surprise
in those great green eyes
will teach you
to die alone.

1 comment:

bharath said...

and they just don't last a life time, but they got nine of them lives :P

mmm. interesting. :)