Sunday, February 12, 2006

Craving Paan

For some odd reason, the Banarasi Paan is on my mind today. I'm not sure what this sudden craving for paan means for me or says about me. Looking around to be satiated by sight if not by smell and taste, I ran into a plethora of paan information.

Thankfully I was spared the purple prose food critics resort to when they describe the orgasmic high of eating at a fancy restaurant. I discovered that paan can be used in regular cooking and that a patent is being sought for the Banarasi Paan.

There is a thriving discussion board on the subject of paan and paan eating which refers to an essay on paan by E.M Foster. I'd love to read that. Yes, it has been blogged about too, by Boing Boing no less. When thinking paan can paan masala be far behind ? One technophile has the cool idea for eliminating the plastic waste of paan masala pouches using the idea of Nature Capitalism. He says:

Of course my technophilic entrepreneurial mind began conjuring up futuristic schemes for paan masala packaging with time-delayed nano-
scale plastic-eating robots.

Thanks to my paan-craving today, I made an interesting journey and a few serendipitous discoveries along the way. So what if Varanasi and a fragrant paan freshly made is still 8000 miles away from me.


bharath said...

awww. I don't know if paan will have as many ingredients as there are links in this blog :P

the link on smell and its titilations was interesting.

Priyamvada_K said...

"I'm not sure what this sudden craving for paan means"

Maybe it means you need to take a break and dance to "rang barse bheege chunarwaali rang barse..." a la Mr.Bachchan!


Heartcrossings said...

Bharath - Depending on the paan-wallah sure it could have more ingredients than that :)

Priya - Except for the fact that I have two left legs that's exactly what I'd love to do.

bharath said...

when you reminisce about *that* paaan on your blog, I can imagine there being more links than this too :P