Saturday, February 11, 2006

Shared Musical Loves

J sings along with KT Tunstall as she sings Black Horse and Cherry Tree. She loves the woo-hoo refrain that is the song's signature. When we first heard KT on the radio, we heard this number. From the way J had fallen silent, I knew she was hooked - just like I was. We have made musical connections many times in the past - J and I.

She has introduced and hooked me on some catchy kiddie tunes like The Erie Canal and Bingo. Most music of sentimental value to me seems to make an impression on her-sharing it with J imbues it with even greater significance for me. This is somewhat akin to reading memorable a book , revisiting it years later with changed perspective and renewed passion.

I love the way J will stop her prattle to listen to music that catches her fancy. It alerts me to a moment of beauty that would have otherwise passed me by.

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Ardra said...

very endearing- never fails to touch me when I see kids perking up their ears to any music that they fancy- esp becos when htey like something it is so fresh without any preconceived ideas/ notions...somehow i seem to perceive it as some kind of Divine Hope...