Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tags Of Note

While waiting at a traffic light this evening, I saw a car with the number 7777 on its tag. I wondered what that number signified - maybe a date of birth and a pretty unique one - July 7th 1977. I hoped that was true. Maybe this person was born at 7 minutes past 7 too.

I have a friend to whom the number 110 returns time after time in her life. The street address, the number on a random application form, her cubicle, the amount on a bill she has to pay, the time on the clock when she looks at it.

In any event a 7-7-1977 at 7 minutes past 7 for a birthday is a very rare thing . I might have seen this person in drive past me in a Mini Cooper this evening.

I am always intrigued by tags with personalized numbers - it makes me wonder what made that number so significant and how the person arrived at that combination. If it was derived from a single event or individual or was melange only they would know to decipher. It's amazing how much can be conveyed in four or six digits and yet nothing be revealed.

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bharath said...

fear not. this is cheap thrill. :-) there is a huge list of coincidences between Kennedy and Lincoln's life available on the web. ask the scientists? they say, it is commonplace. :) because once you start looking for patterns (between two really large data sets) you can see them surprisingly quite easily.