Saturday, February 25, 2006

What J Said Or Asked

"The moon is playing hide and seek with the clouds. The cloud is counting to twenty thousand" - J's explanation for a moonless night and why we won't see the moon for a longish time.

"The computer thinks that's my favorite song and does want not play the other ones" - reason why the Autoplay will not work on her CD and only the first track will play.

"My eyes are turning brown Mommy, will you still love me ?" - anxious on first discovering that her eyes are really dark brown and not black like she had thought.

When J wiped my cheek with her hand after kissing me I asked "Why did you wipe it away ?" "Because it was not pretty. I'll give you a pretty kiss and you can keep it".

"What animal would I be if I had one thousand teeth ?" on being told that children don't have as many teeth as adults do.

"This is not a losing game. If you're out you still can play. Racing is a losing game" consoling me when I kept losing the Hot Potato game J taught me.

"If I stayed in your tummy until I was ten years old, would it be very hard for you to pop me out ?" on seeing a museum exhibit showing the development stages of a human embryo.

"After you become hundred years old, you become zero years old and start over" on why she could not grow any older past hundred.

"The moon looks like my nail when you cut it" pointing at the thin cresent of the moon. It took a while to figure that connection but she was right !

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