Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cubicle Mate

T and I are office spouses by the 3rd test of spousal relationship between a guy and a girl in the work place namely:

You're a guy and girl who frequently (like every 15 minutes) engage in invective-laced vent sessions on how idiotic your bosses are. And continue griping during the lunches and breaks.

Guilty as charged.

We laugh at each other’s jokes and sometimes the third person in the conversation has to play catch up and we enjoy that bit. He is married to a woman he obviously adores – it shines in his voice when he answers her calls in the middle of meetings. For my part, I have either been in or between relationships for as long as T and I have worked together. Up until now, I never thought of T as anything but "that guy at work with a quirky sense of humor"

With T around workplace aggravations turn bearable – exactly what a real spouse is supposed to do for life. So I guess, the moniker “office spouse” is not so far off the mark after all.

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