Friday, March 17, 2006

Ersatz Mozart

Only earlier today I was listening to Bob Mondello talk about recycling of Shakespeare for teen consumption by Hollywood. It was a portent perhaps. I have been looking forward to the Magic Flute performance ever since I got my tickets a month ago. It would be the first time that J would be watching a western classical music performance and I was excited on her behalf.

I was one enraged consumer when I discovered that we would be subjected to a Disney-fied interpretation of Magic Flute complete with smart-ass jokes. That was not what the ad for the concert said. J was dismayed and told me several times "Mommy, I wish we had not come here". She was close to tears. I shared her sentiment but thrifty single-mom that I am, having paid the monies, made us sit through the torture.

There were plenty of kids in audience. I observed that they were enjoying it and for the most part got the humor. In our TV-less household J does not have the advantage of complete media immersion that these kids do.

I'm not sure it this served as a good introduction to Mozart for J - she was genuinely relieved when it was over and only reluctantly lined up behind the excited kids to meet and greet the cast. The one heartwarming thing about this misadventure was the realization was that J's anti- Disney/Pixar sentiments are as pronounced as mine. Makes me hopeful that the road ahead will not be dotted with amusement and theme parks not to mention animated drivel.

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