Sunday, April 16, 2006

Below The Belt

Reading a Russian political leader's characterization of Condi Rice in this article from Daily Times got me wondering if he may have taken similar liberties in talking about a powerful, single man.

It is sad and shameful that men will stoop so low and that the most powerful woman in the world is not immune to crude remarks about her personal life. Instead of rebutting her offending statement about Russia as would befit a political adversary and an intellectual equal, he chooses the crude, tasteless option of hitting below the belt.

"This is because she is a single woman who has no children. She loses her reason because of her single status. Nature takes it all. Such women are very rough. They are all workaholics, public workaholics. They can be happy only when they are talked and written about everywhere:"

"This is the only way to satisfy her needs of a female. She derives pleasure from it. If she has no man by her side at her age, he will never appear. Even if she had a whole selection of men to choose from, she would stay single because her soul and heart have hardened."

Its only fair then that smaller fry like this correspondent for Daily Times would piggy-back on Zhirinovsky's statements in his diatribe against Rice. Its interesting how universal male insecurity is in the face of a smart woman in a position of power.

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