Monday, April 03, 2006

Emotional Intelligence Aid

A lot of "normal" people would benefit from the device that warns you if you're being boring or irritating. Captains of industry for example, given as they are to tendencies of megalomania, assume their words routinely spellbind their audience. Often times the audience is fast asleep. Surely a cue to stop while they are still wakeful would be useful. Talk show hosts would likewise benefit except the signs of boredom and irritation would have to be transmitted over some distance and that should be easy enough.

For the emotional intelligence challenged the device would serve equally well in social situations and the workplace. They would be able to avoid needless faux pas that make them unpopular. Having something like this handy at a job or college admission interview could be construed as cheating. You have a prop to guide the course of the conversation that works to your advantage. That's quite a bit like getting SMS messages on a cell phone to cheat on an test.

Whereas the black and white is clearly discernable for an IQ prop the same may not be true for an EQ aid. Users of the device may get their shrinks to prescribe it for social anxiety disorder. To that extent holding their medication against them would amount to discrimination which can easily lead to some nasty litigation. If I was in the legal business I'd be paying close attention to a potential new revenue stream. Or maybe its just my overactive imagination at work.

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