Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mommy To J Ratio

"I'll be done with my breakfast in one Mommy second" J said when I begged her to hurry up for the gazillionth time this morning.

"What is one Mommy second ?" I asked her never having heard that one before.

"It is the time J takes to finish her milk" she told me.

"So what would one J second be ?" I wondered aloud

"The time it takes Mommy to finish her breakfast" she replied promptly.

I also found out that "one Mommy second" is bigger than "one J second" and this is obvious for more reasons than one. According to J, they vary in direct proportion to our ages. Thus Mommy Second/J Second = Mommy's Age/J 's Age.

I guess the point she was trying to make is that my expectation for the time it should take her to finish her breakfast is unrealistic given the Mommy-second to J-second ratio. This was possibly the simplest lesson on gravitational time dilation anyone ever received.


Kaveetaa Kaul said...

That was so refreshingly cute..what would we do without these absolutely invigorating quibbles from our kids ..and to think of it the undeniable logic of it all

They deserve a hug:)

Heartcrossings said...

Thanks, Kaveetaa. There is so much I learn from J all the time and almost always the lessons come out of the blue :)