Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Serially Blinged

There is the word bling and the word bling-bling. I have tried to figure the difference between the two based on usage and context because the standard definitions of the two seem to vary little. It seems that an instance of unnecessary, expensive ostentation is bling where as bling-bling is a large assortment of these blings.

The other way to interpret this could be that a bling for a bling is a bling-bling. For example a horribly expensive little electronic gizmo could be the bling in question. A very pointless accessory like a platinum doll charm to dangle from it be the bling-bling. Now if the charm came with any further add ons (like a pair of diamond shoes for the said doll) those could be the bling-bling-bling.

So being in possession of blings ad infinitum is about having huge amounts of time and money at hand. The neat thing is that for every bling there is a potential bling bling - layer after layer like a Russian doll. The universe of blings remains in balance because whereas creating a bling-bling takes a whole bunch of imagination, owning one requires having none at all.

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