Monday, May 22, 2006

Lost And Confused

Here is technology the directionally challenged, ochlophobic mothers of recalcitrant brats will be grateful for. J is very capable of walking as far and as long as the next kid her age and yet she is strapped to her stroller when we are anywhere remotely crowded or chaotic. A lot of people give me strange looks - clearly the child has way overgrown her stroller and is evidently not in need of one.

I prefer to brave the silent censure of the masses to losing track of J in a crowd - the stroller sure beats a
baby-leash. This is one of the many phobias that motherhood has brought in its wake - the other is not being able to recognize a pedophile at twenty paces or less. I have come to believe that otherwise sane people loose their reason and ability for rational thought when they become parents.

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