Monday, May 08, 2006

Purely Jazz

J attended a performance by the local philharmonic orchestra yesterday and as with all firsts in her life, I was the one dizzy with excitement. The conductor was a young woman. From what I could tell from J's reactions, she liked the Rossini overture and the last movement of Brahms 1st symphony. The flashy piano improvisations for Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue did not impress her much. I could not help laughing to her remain seated frowning with disapproval as the pianist received a standing ovation from the audience.

On the way back home J asked me "Mommy can you take me to a jazz concert ?" She's been listening to weekend jazz and swing program on the radio for months and really looks forward to it. I told her she had just listened to a jazz concerto. She seemed disappointed at the news. Not that I know anything about jazz but I guess J likes it without classical pretensions served a la Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. So I still owe taking J to a real jazz concert.

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