Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ratty Social Fabric

While updating the address book on my cell phone this weekend I realized that some names did not so much as ring a bell anymore. It took some spring cleaning before the list turned representative of the people I do keep in touch with even if on a very irregular basis. Where the name made sense, the work number was at least two jobs too old. Chances were, I looked it up from a post-it note stuck in my cube.

Not surprisingly therefore, several numbers I call frequently are not even on my address book - I've made do with the saved caller-ids without bothering to assign names. The state of my social fabric clearly leaves much to be desired. A constant visual reminder of where (not that an analysis of why would hurt) it is fraying would be most helpful. I'm hoping Gmail will do something similar with all of my e-mail contacts.

The Social Fabric is a representation of your social world, displayed as a single visual array on your cellular phone. It does not replace your address book or calendar but keeps you subtly informed about which relationships are prospering, which you have neglected, and the overall state of your social fabric. (photo to be credited to Steven Blyth)
via interaction-ivrea

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