Friday, May 26, 2006

Unwilling Brides

Wedding rituals and the physical adornments that mark a married women often have unromantic and grotesque origins. The galloping white steed of Prince Charming was once his means to carry a woman away against her will. She would then be bound, shackled and upon being deflowered marked as his property. Necklaces, bangles and anklets are symbols for things more primitive and uncivilized.

Apparently women are
kiddnapped and turned into protesting brides in Kyrgyzstan to this day turning marriage to entrapment in the literal and figurative sense. That some of these abductee brides are quite happily married goes to prove that the odds of a marriage being successful are equal however it came to be solemnized. Eliminating choice and preventing exercise of free can result in resignation and acceptance that may in due season turn into "happiness"

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