Sunday, June 04, 2006


Adhocracy is common most corporations - it is necessitated by the pace of change they need to keep up with to be successful. Market conditions that triggered a project could have altered completely if it takes too long to complete rendering the expected deliverable unnecessary or worse counter-productive.

The pressure to keep up the forces of change disseminates throughout the organization. By when the worker bees react to it, there is no longer any line of sight to the drivers for change. Rationale for senior level management decisions, do not get explained to those who are in and around the trenches – it is safely assumed that they have no need to know. They are instead given orders which when followed without any appreciation or understanding of context leads to untold chaos.

A corporation would be able react swiftly to change, if all of its parts acted in synchronicity and were trying to survive a hostile ecosystem as a single organism. How it helps to have the head go off somewhere in its own and have the rest of the body play catch-up has never made sense to me.

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